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ALA Election Update: Better than I Thought

I had been glum (and puzzled) about what appeared to be a sudden and steep drop in turnout in this year’s ALA election. However, I had made a crucial error–I had mixed up the total ballots submitted with just the e-ballots. Turnout is on track!

If we sustain the participation rate of a little over 200 ballots per day, by 4/25 we should have around 10,700 ballots, for about a 10% increase in turnout from 2003. I’d like to see my colleague win his bet (a 10% increase in turnout), but I’d be happy to win my own bet (5% increase in turnout).

Total ballots, 2003 9,844

Total ballots, 4/8/04 8,309

Total ballots, 4/1/04 6,756

Increase in total ballots, 4/1 – 4/8: 1,553

E-ballots, 4/8/04 7,066

E-ballots, 4/1/04 6,122

Increase in e-ballots, 4/1 – 4/8: 944

Paper ballots, 4/8/04 1,243

Paper ballots, 4/1/04 634

Increase in paper ballots, 4/1 – 4/8: 609

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