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ALA Election Participation Down. PLEASE VOTE!

Finally, some results–and what do we see? Participation is down. (Or something else is going on… I don’t even want to think about that.) The polls opened on almost the same day both years, btw.

Come on folks, jump in and cast those ballots!

While you’re at it, vote for Christine Hage for ALA president.

If you don’t have your ballot yet, contact or call ALA at 1-800-545-2433 and make a ruckus.

The following via Gerald Hodges of ALA staff as of 1:39 p.m. PT today:

As of April 8, 2005:

Web ballots submitted: 5,756 Total eligible: 41,409
% Response: 13.90%

Paper ballots submitted: 1,226 Total eligible: 17,336
% Response: 7.07%

Total ballots submitted as of 4/8/05: 6,982 ( 11.89%, based on 58,745 eligible to vote)

As of April 8, 2004:

Web ballots submitted: 7,066 Total eligible: 42,626
% Response: 16.58%

Paper ballots submitted: 1,243 Total eligible: 13,483
% Response: 9.22%

8,309 ballots, or 14.81% (based on 56,109 eligible to vote)

Total votes cast in 2004 election: 12,562

Total votes cast in 2003 election: 9,844

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