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Siva on Google, via if:book

Via if:book, which added its own nicely textured analysis, comes Siva on Google, absolutely nailing the issue: “Libraries should not be relinquishing their core duties to private corporations for the sake of expediency.”

Now, I realize I said that because Siva is echoing my own concerns. But he does it so exquisitely, and with such a good step back from the volcano, that the sheer power of argument pulls you in, whether you agree or not.

I know we all can’t wait to hear Madeline Albright speak (especially since she’s considered such a leader in information science), but sometime I’d really like to hear someone like Siva share thoughts with the ALA masses. Meanwhile, I hope those of us mulling over Google et al find these posts helpful.

“Is it really proper for one company — no matter how egalitarian it claims to be — to organize all the world’s information? Who asked it to? Isn’t that the job of universities, libraries, academics, and librarians? Have those institutions and people failed in their mission? Must they outsource everything? Is anyone even watching to see if Google does the job properly?”

Go. Read.

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