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The Stuff Happening at My Place of Work

I won’t say much more about it, but I want to reassure those who have asked that I’ll be fine, and even My Place Of Work will be fine–we’ll manage, with many new, good ideas. Things happen, life has its ups and downs!

I’m actually quite busy at MPOW these days, since we’re testing new search engines for MPOW. Replacing what we have will help MPOW–though not completely address all of the search issues I’ve discussed in the past. There’s still a usability gulf with searching any directory service–and that includes OPACs–because you’re searching the metadata, not the object itself. That’s one reason that I have emphasized MPOW’s newsletter so much in the last four years. Now it has well over 30,000 subscribers–probably much higher than that.

As a search tool, I have been the first and the most emphatic to say MPOW doesn’t work well, and I’ve explained very clearly why that is. I even have a flowchart for how it should work. Yet as an announcement service, it rocks.

Meanwhile, I’m very, very busy… whew. Search engines, consultants, programmers, vendors, plus the weekly publishing shtick, plus getting our annual user survey done, plus getting out our annual summer reading collection, plus tweaking the newsletter templates, plus a gadzillion call-backs… whew!

So yes, it’s hard when things change, particularly unexpectedly, particularly in difficult directions. But I won’t be rending my garments on Free Range Librarian, or pitying myself, or blaming anyone, or raging at the machine. Life is still good, work is still good… and this blog is a place to do a lot of things, but first, I’m a professional, and second, I’d rather share the joy (or the occasional Schadenfreude).

Onward and upward!

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