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Monthly Archives: October 2006

What’s Hot, What’s Not: A Revamped Approach

Thanks to Alane (she of the nifty blog It’s All Good), I have reoriented my presentation for this Thursday from a pile o’ gadgets to a series of concepts. Yes, I will talk gadgets, and naturally include practical advice and the usual good examples, but here’s my new approach (still building/adding to these concepts): What’s […]

Grace period

The act of saying grace is a welcome set of parentheses between one part of the day and the other. I love how grace is a time when we sit, hands tented over our laps, neither here nor there, and at peace. One of the best moments in South Africa was when in the tremulous […]

What’s Hot and What’s Not?

CueCat arrives! Originally uploaded by freerangelibrarian. This is my brand-new CueCat barcode wand, which I bought from LibraryThing. I wanded in a handful of books, thoroughly enjoying myself. Part of the joy of LibraryThing is the communal nature of the experience. When I add a book to LibraryThing, I can immediately see who else in […]

Not-Hot Technologies, Missing Nouns, and Shibboleth

I’m of a philosophical turn today–perhaps because I just published the last newsletter for MPOW produced on my watch. The lunch cowbell rang, and a blog entry seemed more sustaining than any lengthy meal (meaning I shoved cottage cheese on Rye Krisp in my mouth and went back to the machine). Next week I’m going […]

Greetings to my Internet Librarian Pals!

Except for a few false starts where I stumbled over my tongue (“Indlenet Liberrian,” etc.), this video took just a little longer to make than it plays–tape/import/add title/add ending/render/upload. Oh, and hi to Michael Casey and Greg and all the other people I didn’t know were there or forgot to name in my title slide… […]

My non-MPOW AIM and Skype: freerangelib

Yes, that’s all this entry is about: I’m handing my work IM/Skype handle back to MPOW–well, I created it, so “back” is not the right word–so please use freerangelib for AIM/Skype to me, starting now and definitely by October 31. Thanks! Bookmark to:

South Africa SLIS Follow-up 3: The Presentations

Soweto Originally uploaded by freerangelibrarian. Yes, after a week of recovery and catch-up, I have tweaked and uploaded the presentations I gave in South Africa earlier this month! Of course, they’re out of context, since you don’t get my voice-over or walk-throughs… feel free to ask questions. Note that at the end of the preconference […]

No LITA Forum for Me This Year

I felt it was a squeeze to get to LITA Forum this year–both financially (I would have to foot my own way entirely) and in terms of time (in the middle of my last few days at MPOW, and between two conferences). Of course, having made that decision and pretty well cast it in stone–at […]

It’s After Apple-Picking Time

That’s the poem that ran through my head as I knelt on the brick path to our front door, tugging dead ferns from the ground and scooping piles of brown pine needles into bags that Neighbor Susan tells us can be any color. The sky is the color of skim milk and it has rained […]

“Waiter, a table for 17,000”: The Midwinter Rooming Crisis

Having trouble booking a room at ALA Midwinter in Seattle (or spent far more time than was reasonable to do so)? Join the very, very, very large club. However, this message from Mary Ghikas, found on the ALA Council list, describes some of the challenges faced by ALA. (My core question: is Seattle big enough–hotel-venue-wise–to […]