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IM and 2.0 Culture

I move between many cultures, and as I ride that bus, I pick up habits from one and transfer them to another whether I mean to or not. So recently I was IM’ing with a friend, and after the second time I corrected a term I had misspelled, he pointed out that was unnecessary (he politely did not add how irritating it is, like most conversational disruptions). I hadn’t even been correcting my IM typos for years until my recent foray into AcLibLand, where the average techno-skill is lower than in my native habitat.

This all bubbled to the forefront this morning, while I was working on a presentation about social software and in one slide trying to explain 2.0 culture. There clearly is one, and there’s even a biblioculture within it, as the lolbrarian phenom makes clear. What I have come up with so far:

  1.  Humorous
  2. Non-hierarchical
  3. Time/space “shifted”
  4. Skeptical of authority
  5. Tepid about privacy and DRM
  6. Immediate, here-and-now, epistolary
  7. High tolerance for typos and errors


I’m sure others have done better on this topic… it’s just one slide among many. I am drawn to this list, which means it means something to me.

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