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FRL’s Blogiversary: Today We Are Four!

Today Free Range Librarian turns four years old!

Now, today is the official blogiversary — the day I first put a post into a Movable Type blog I had installed myself.  I entered three posts in July, 2003 (two of which I had written and previously posted elsewhere), but I didn’t blog again until November, 2003, which has 36 posts and therefore with this post (quoting Ted Hughes, no less) really marks the beginning of my blogging… uh? Career? Lifestyle? (Or maybe I can’t help it… I was just born that way?)

In reviewing the posts for the last four years, it struck me that the months where I posted the most were not the months where I was the least busy — in fact, they were often when I was extremely busy — but were the months when I was happiest. I’m a talker (on paper, anyway), and chattering away is a sign I’m happy.  Also, writing breeds writing: the more I write, the more my mind is in the writing mode, and the more inclined I am to set words down and share them with Gentle Readers from many walks of life.

Anyway, thanks for sharing yourselves with me these past four years. (It’s become so much easier to manage comments since I moved to WordPress… oy, night and day!)  Your readership has been a nice constant in my life.

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