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Going off the grid…

Free Range Librarian is taking a short break. I’ll be back in several days. I had thought I’d do one last now-I’m-going-off-the-grid-and-here’s-my-last-gasp post, but then I flew into an office-cleaning frenzy, complete with flying rags and huge bags stuffed with old paper… I’m so enchanted with my efforts; I’m just five bookends away from perfection.

But (you knew there had to be a “but”) before I stand down for a few days, I must point out the obvious: the millionaires who keep working because they feel poor are not mistaken. They are hungry in their souls.

This morning we said goodbye to a wonderful couple in our church who are moving to another state, and they cried and we cried and we stood in a circle and sang songs, and then many of us (though not I) feasted on saturated fats and carbohydrates, in the manner of our People. Then we all got into our unpretentious cars and drove home with our families (chosen or otherwise). I felt quite rich, driving home in my beloved 13-year-old Honda, knowing that I was one small part of a community that mattered to a young family.

I would like it if I never had to worry about having enough money, but I wouldn’t wish financial wealth on myself if it made me think that my life revolved around reaching for the next brass ring. As the article points out, there’s no end to that. (The article eerily recalls the literature of anorexia… it’s as if, when you get that rich, you lose the ability to see yourself as rich.)

I hope you all understand your wealth and enjoy it. It goes fast, this small bag of coins.

If you comment on a post in the next several days, it may not show up quickly unless you have posted here before.

See you soon!

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