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USAA Update

So I’m a little tired tonight and this will be brief, but the Consumerist gave me some web-time, USAA’s social-software team responded, and I had a nice preliminary talk with someone today.

I really only want two things: I want my credit rating cleaned up, and I want this all to stop.

Now, full disclosure, I’d also like to keep all or part of that $641 I have been billed. I am not a tycoon librarian and I can use that money. But it’s mostly about my damaged credit rating and the protracted pain and suffering.

For those who wanted more precision in the details about the coverage, I’m sorry. I have insurance. I dinged a rental car. I was immersed into a claims process. The event happened on a weekend when I was in San Francisco to give a reading and at the last minute suddenly had a job interview, and within weeks of this trip was packing to return to California. So between the car-dinging and this past week, I have had a major household move, a job change, lived in two temporary rentals, found a place to live in SF, taken over a library that needed a lot of TLC, had a parent die (with a protracted memorial event that took place 90 days later, during my university’s fall orientation), and so on. So at some point I went into a mode where I would get another claims letter (for a while they were the only people writing me so it felt a lot like personal mail…hey, here’s my old friend Mastercard Claims again!) and I would again send in the same stuff they had asked for previously and then I would resume whatever I was doing to manage this major life change.

Anyhoo, it was good to hear from USAA. They wanted to know why I hadn’t told them earlier I was having problems, and I guess my answer would be because I didn’t know I was having problems. A slow claims process is a slow claims process. To have it suddenly terminate in a claims denial and a collections notice was the problem.

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