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howdy, nocall!

I’m blogging this while Mary Minow talks. great panel! more later. (Updated) Mary (see comments, below) is right. Although I do have a camera on my Treo, but I just chose not to use it in a room with so many lawyers! Bookmark to:

Net::OAI::Harvester Talk at LITA Forum

By Ed Summers: Follett by day, consultant at night; has published an article in Ariadne. (Yes, at MPOW we are talking about OAI. I am not a coder, but I do understand how OAI works, at least from a workpersonlike point of view.) 1. Brief overview of OAI-PMH Well, actually he has launched into a […]

Final PLA Congrunt

Like a few hundred other folks, I attended Thursday’s program on “dead wood in libraries.” It was the only program I was able to go to–had I not been felled with a cold, I would have done a couple more on Friday, but such is life. At any rate, this was a great program. I’m […]

Final PLA Congrunt

I came down with such a powerful cold that I left early on Friday, but on Thursday, from early morning until mid-evening, Thursday was a glamorous whirlwind of programs, vendor meetings, and parties. The Webjunction party was where every it-person in librarianship seemed to be. So nice to see everyone! Wish I had pix from […]

PLA 2004 Congrunt 2-25-04

Congrunts are a takeoff on refgrunts, which in turn are brief near-real-time brain dumps of what you experienced on the reference desk that day. Raced to convention center, split cab with Highsmith vendor. We discussed RFID for a while and then debated whether or not ALA had met at Seattle sometime in the 1990s (I […]