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Stuff Costs Money

Over the holiday weekend, Dick Kaser, ITI’s VP for Content, posted a comment to my post about SWIFT, the not-so-swift “2.0 platform” ITI had invested in for its conference attendees. In 418 words, Dick explained that stuff costs money. Thing is, we know stuff costs money. Everything costs money — even “free” stuff, like kittens […]

Wikipedia’s Reality Check

The responses from some corners of the Wikipedia community were predictable when Larry Sanger, part of the team that developed Wikipedia, published a long article on kuro5shin arguing that “anti-elitism” and “trolls” were undermining this user-contributed “encyclopedia”–or as Jason Scott nailed it in an earlier article that inspired Sanger’s cry in the desert, “a low […] Closes Blogs

Am I the last blog-reader on the planet to catch that two days ago David Winer announced the suddenly imminent closing of, which will orphan literally thousands of blogs? (Read a transcription of his audio explanation here.) For the Wired article, look here. For an excellent analysis of how not to close down 3,000 […]