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Current Cites and the Big O’s Latest

I really love Current Cites, freely available by e-mail and the Web. It’s scholarly, it’s funny and interesting, and it points me to resources that haven’t popped up on my radar scope.

It needs an RSS feed, and I just wrote to tell them that.

At any rate, in the latest issue, we learn that the Big O has taken a stand against the early American practice of bundling, in which courting couples would lie in bed and… no, wait, they’re talking about liberating content from its containers. Information wants to be free! Let me wiggle out of this format girdle and prance on the digital prairie, shaking my liberated content bootie! I peeked; great reading. Good work, Big O, and you folks at UC just keep cranking out them Current Cites. You-all should read it anyway, even if you have to subscribe by funky old email.

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