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Brewing David, Part 1

As soon as I know I am all alone, I quickly creep up into the attic crawlspace and spend a few stolen minutes with David. I make sure he’s all right, check his temperature, then tell him I love him and that I’ll be back soon. Then I slip back down the ladder and push […]

Thin Sweet Slices of California

The trip out west to attend ER&L 2009 at UCLA, with some vacay tacked on, was just glorious. I took many notes and even got vigorous and drafted several essays, including one that has been percolating in my head for a year, and took some pictures as well. Before it all gets away from me: […]

First Homebrew!

First Homebrew! Originally uploaded by freerangelibrarian Cracked open my first bottle Friday (two weeks after bottling my first batch, 3 in a Bed Bitters from HomeBrew Den)… carefully tasted… yum, it’s delicious! Milder and less fizzy than I expected, but very good, and very fresh-tasting. It’s like homemade ice cream and sorbet: there is no […]

Back from Rockin’ in the Rockies

ALA ALA Midwinter came and went in a flash, and I’ve been back for a day or so plowing my way through Stuff while Sandy is out of town. The cats have been obnoxiously slutty, crawling all over my desk all day and slumping against my skull at bedtime, humming as they dig their needle […]