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Back from Rockin’ in the Rockies


ALA Midwinter came and went in a flash, and I’ve been back for a day or so plowing my way through Stuff while Sandy is out of town. The cats have been obnoxiously slutty, crawling all over my desk all day and slumping against my skull at bedtime, humming as they dig their needle claws into my scalp. Where are they when Sandy is home? The little tramps!

In addition to “the best and worst of ALA,” I need to post my Top Tech Trends, which are two long tomes of posts, but haven’t quite drummed up the energy to do so. This session went really well in every sense of the word, and garnered well-deserved press. Special thanks to Maurice York, Cindi Trainor, Jason Griffey, and other committee members for their efforts making this LITA session happen.

Leon County's Page Turner

Page Turner


Today I chatted with librarians at Leon County, my home library. I just love this library. They are so friendly and service-oriented. After the talk, a few of us friended one another on Facebook!

But I finally got to ask the burning questions, what was with that mannequin in the lobby, and where did it go? The answer is “Page Turner” — a kind of library mascot — and the second answer is not far away.

We discussed giving Page a role in the library’s narrative-building. Crazy? Offbeat? Good! I hope to see Page on Facebook or Twitter. I’m sure she has a lot to share.


Friday is the three-week point for my first batch of homebrew, so I think I’ll bottle then; perhaps I’ll cook up another batch the next day (much hand-wringing about my next recipe… what to make? Homebrew Den has great kits; I just need to Make Up My Mind).

The library came through with a title I’ve been waiting for — John Palmer, How to Brew — so I think I’ll go curl up with the cats and read about yeast varieties, attenuation, and other brewish topics.

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