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FRL Spotlight Review Feature Debuts

I had to set aside tinkering with my blog and render unto Caesar for a few hours, but then the whistle blew and I could play some more. (Really! At the end of an LII shift, a whistle blows and we take off our aprons, grab our lunch pails, and march home in two straight lines.)

After a bit of patient tinkering I am pleased to announce FRL Spotlight Reviews (if you hadn’t caught that from the title and category). Every week (I am thinking Mondays? Does that work for you?) I’ll spotlight a nonfiction book, essay, or other piece. The review will be a blog entry, and it will be featured throughout the week in the new Spotlight Review section of this blog, a prime piece of real estate on the upper right of the page.

Note: as posted earlier, I’m not making money when you follow links to Amazon from this site. I used the Associate ID provided by the developer of MT-Amazon, a crucial plugin for BookQueueToo, the tool that enables the reviews and reading lists on the right column of FRL. Whatever pfennige result from following a link from FRL goes to them. However, if you want to make me wealthy, or at least underwrite my email activity (think twice before you agree to that!) switch your email to and tell them I sent you. (I get a $6 bonus for each referral.) They host my primary personal email account (kgs at bluehighways dot com), and I love everything about them, from their spam-killer to their support for just about any email client to their Web interface, great when there’s no other way to get email and almost good enough to use on its own.

But I digress. Reviews. FRL. Yes. Weekly. Many of the reviews will be partial, and driven by what I’m reading for class (next stop, “Walden”! Hey, kids, let’s build a house in the woods!). But the first FRL Spotlight Review (written last August) is for “We the Media” by Dan Gillmor, a techno-journalist, advocate of citizen journalism, and all-around good guy. It seemed like a fitting first entry. Bon appetit!

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