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Bookqueuetoo, Preview display problems with MT

If you try to comment on a post and the page looks really, really odd, scroll down. I’m having problems with the display of some pages in Movable Type. I’m uploading this particular post so I can show it to MT support.

I also have problems with the BookQueueToo plugin–I wanted to link to a review but I’m getting this odd error: “An error occurred: Loading template ‘login.tmpl’ failed: HTML::Template->new() : Cannot open included file header-popup.tmpl : file not found. at ../../extlib/HTML/ line 2024.”

MT first recommended that I remove the BookQueueToo plugin, but it’s dawning on me that the problems are probably subsidiary to bigger issues on my site (transient problems I noticed before I added any plugins, such as weird comment screens). Before I start uninstalling plugins etc, I will ask MT to respond to the screen display issues. I wouldn’t rule out some permission-based issue on Dreamhost, which has a clever way of changing things and not telling anyone, but this is starting to smell more Six Apart than stray plugin.


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