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Media Manager

Media Manager Add Item Screen, originally uploaded by freerangelibrarian. I’m really digging Media Manager, a Movable Type plugin that makes it easy to create and manage reviews of items from Amazon from within my blog. I just wish it had Open WorldCat functionality! I’ll review Media Manager more thoroughly sometime soon. Maybe it could be […]

You Like Me, You Really Like Me!

I had wondered why the FRL commenting fell off in the last few days. Then Lorcan Dempsey wrote to ask if I was going to post his comment to my post about his post about the long tail (which feels like a very long tale when I say that). Answer solved. Last week I kicked […]

Migrated at Last

O.k., here we are on the new blog. I wonder if everyone’s getting the feed. Raise your hand if you didn’t get this post! (Yeah, yeah, I know: I am subscribed to my “old” versions of FRL so I can monitor what’s up with the feeds.) The new feed address, btw, is … plus […]

My Movable Type Problems: No Blogger is an Island

So I was avoiding doing a read-through on the rewrite of my latest essay and catching up on Hurricane Dennis, because, you know, maybe it will move across the United States and hit Palo Alto. Ed Cone’s blog pointed to Brendan Loy’s blog, and as I was studying his interesting pictures and analysis I caught […]

Upgraded to MT 3.17; Awaiting 3.2

I just upgraded this blog to Movable Type 3.17, and you may think this is a boring entry but it’s Very, Very Important, because it’s demonstrating to myself that everything works as it should. One reason I upgraded was to rule out problems with a corrupted mt-comments.cgi file or some other key Movable Type file. […]

Today is the First Blog of the Rest of My Life

All righty then! I have regenerated the old blog in a very minimalist format, preserving the post names and archive paths. Comments are now reenabled. Thanks again to Elise, whose directions for backing up templates were very helpful. I apologize for the too-small fonts and lack of contrast in this rather vanilla design. The MT […]

I’m a Movable Type BlogHer Scholar!

After all that shvitzing and hand-wringing about feeling guilty over applying for a scholarship to the BlogHer conference, I end up being selected as a scholar anyway. And might I add this flattering moment of meritocracy (or so I assume–don’t prick my balloon, o.k.?) pushes me to work harder to fix the problems with my […]

Movable Type’s Workflow Plugin

Six Apart just announced a plugin for Movable Type called Workflow that adds much-needed functionality to this blogging product. But it’s not free: if you want a supported version–and if you’re a library, of course you do–it’s (sit down) $250. (Though you also get a chance to be listed on the developer’s website as a […]

Has the Easter Bunny Fixed FRL’s Comment Box?

Gloryoski! I made one more tweak on a Movable Type template, rebuilt, and by jove, if you now try to comment on an FRL post, you should get a comment box smack dab where it should be, not wandering far, far down the page, floating (as the code had been telling it to float) under […]

Comment about FRL Comments

As many of you have noted, I have some coding glitch that forces the FRL comment box to slide go way, way, way down on the page. I’ve temporarily addressed the problem in part by reducing the number of books displayed in the right-hand nav bar, a change which should show up this morning after […]