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Moving SWIFTly On…

For Computers in Libraries 2008 (common tag: CIL2008), where I’m the emcee for a two-session program, “From Woepac to Wowpac,” I’ve received several messages encouraging me to “start adding content to the SWIFT platform.” Like slides, blog posts, delicious tags… the stuff I generally post here. I took a look at SWIFT when it was […]

Lit mag costs: several more reality checks

Invariably, when I write about libraries dropping subscriptions to print literary magazines, at least one person says, “but there are other costs associated with serials management!” Yes, I do know that; I’ve lived it as a practitioner/pinch-hitting copy cataloger/administrator/geek-type/budget maven in a variety of libraries. A few quick responses to the usual comments: 1. Let’s […]

Joyeux… Isn’t That A Gravy Served With Roast Beef?

Courtesy of ALA President-Elect Leslie Burger comes this story of a small-town elected official who got his big red Rudolph nose out of joint because he received a “Seasons’ Readings” card from his local library director… even though the card (published by ALA, and gee, why didn’t I do those this year?) did include Christmas […]

Movable Type’s Workflow Plugin

Six Apart just announced a plugin for Movable Type called Workflow that adds much-needed functionality to this blogging product. But it’s not free: if you want a supported version–and if you’re a library, of course you do–it’s (sit down) $250. (Though you also get a chance to be listed on the developer’s website as a […]

LII’s Name Ripped Off

Some anonymous blogger stole LII’s name, and LIS Blogsource immediately posted this blog without stopping to ask, “gee, is this name familiar?” I am in close contact with LII leadership, and they advise me LII is not responsible for the six-post blog (which should be immediately apparent when you read the introduction). My guess is […]

Who Drugged ALA?

A May 28 press release on the ALA site advises us that ALA and Walgreens are “partnering” to “bring Medicare information to libraries.” Although corporate partnerships can play a positive role for ALA, it concerns me that the Walgreen “partnership” places ALA (and participating libraries) in the role of uncritically promoting the Medicare Drug Discount […]

Amazon’s Plogs

Did anyone else open Amazon this week to find they had a “Plog?” “Your Plog is a diary of events that will enhance your shopping experience, helping you discover products that have just been released, track changes to your orders, and many other things. Just like a blog, your Plog is sorted in reverse […]

Help, I’m Trapped in an LSTA Grant, and I Can’t Get Out!

From last year’s LSTA grant (which I’m cannibalizing, of course): “An outcome-oriented approach to evaluating this objective is an outcome-oriented qualitative approach to determine if awareness of services…” Bookmark to: