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Hachette Job, and Other Pre-LIANZA Musings

I set aside my pre-LIANZA preparation to note that the theme for the past several weeks in LibraryLand is: be bold. (Warning, the following blog post is a babblish mish-mosh; I’m so busy I had to abandon plans to brew the White House beer for a local competition, let alone structure or revise this writing.) […]

Two Years at Cupcake U: Reflections

Two years ago today (Sunday, October 30) I started my journey as a library director at Cupcake U (as I sometimes call My Place Of Work).  These first two years have been exhilarating, challenging, growth-inducing, hair-graying, mind-bending, mirth-generating, and never boring. (I’m always surprised when librarians say budgets are boring. There’s nothing boring about money! […]

One Year Anniversary

October 30 was the anniversary of my first day at my then-new job. As I commented over on the ACRL blog (in an guest article about faculty status for librarians), I haven’t been this happy in a job in a long time. What makes me happy? A values-driven institution. My uni may not have a […]

Yet another portmanteau position at MPOW

We’ve posted another position at My Place of Work — one that like the last position for Head of Access Services (now filled by an excellent librarian-to-be) is designed to be transformative. Not to mention fun, absorbing, interesting, challenging, and greatly satisfying. I’m a little — well, really, quite — unhappy with how I worded […]

ACRL and “diversity”: A rainbow has more than one color

My Place Of Work is one of the most diverse universities in the United States. That’s a fact we’re very proud of, and it’s an environment I enjoy. Diversity was a matter-of-fact reality in the middle-class San Francisco neighborhood I grew up in, and throughout my life, when I’ve been in environments flavored with only […]

Why you should join our team at MPOW

We have an opening at our library for Head of Access Services.  It’s a completely-revised position description designed to attract a strong “MLS pathway” candidate who wants to get in on the ground floor as we do amazing things. I would have liked to have made it an MLS position, but for what we can […]

Reflections on strategic plans that are neither strategic nor plans

It’s Christmas morning and I have some quality blogging time for the first time since returning to California late October and starting my new job. I pick up Sandy in four hours, and between now and then, I will drink hot chocolate, go for a nice walk, and write about strategic plans. I have been […]

My ALA YouTube Contribution: ALA’s GLBT Policies

I’m posting these American Library Association policies as an accompaniment to my YouTube video for ALA’s presidential candidates. Note: the ALA policy manual online is six months out-of-date; I had to get corrected text from an ALA member. So no quibbling from the candidates that this submission is a day late! 7.1.1 The ALA will […]

Octoberfest links

What downturn? It turned out that embedding a call for documentation writers in between screeds about the election turned out to be wildly effective (even though I do not speak for My Place Of Work, blah blah blah — something they did NOT ask me to say, in case you’re wondering). I wish I could […]

For Everything there is a Season…

I once heard Pat Schuman say if you want someone to remember a point you’re making, repeat it seven times. Over on Mentat, Lori Ayre (a welcome voice in the biblioblogosphere) talks about the possibilities of mashing up services such as with My Place Of Work. You can call that the fourth time the […]