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Health Care: A Response to Ellie

Earlier, Ellie Dworak posted about healthcare, noting that for her, “This is a really hard one to have a conversation about without getting emotional.” She listed her concerns “as a token conservative librarian,” and I state my responses below. “It’s too expensive. Just because something is a nice idea doesn’t mean that we can afford […]

Two Isms in America

I lift my informal blogging sabbatical (I’m writing too much to blog, if that makes sense) to note that a few weeks back someone I’m related to (I don’t even want to admit how closely) forwarded a hysterical email composed of various paranoid forwards that postulated, incorrectly, that the federal government was hell-bent on limiting […]

The Whole World was Watching

Democrats Abroad, Sydney Election Night 2008 Originally uploaded by freerangelibrarian Don’t get me wrong, when it became obvious Obama was winning big, it was fun to be at the Democrats Abroad party at the Slide Nightclub in Darlinghurst, Sydney, waving my pint and shouting as the results came in. It was all the sweeter because […]

Vote early for Obama, then help elect him!

I’m in another week of crazy travel — I’m in Georgia right now, after returning from Louisiana, and this Saturday I take off for Oz — but I just got email from the Obama campaign asking people to take off Election Day and help get out the vote. Go do it! But first, you need […]

It’s the Economy, Stupid (and that’s just to start with)

McCain and the Hockey Mom are desperately trying to scare people into voting for them, but tomorrow morning I am going to leave my pro-American house, get in my pro-American car, and drive to my pro-American voting precinct to exercise my early-voting rights and VOTE FOR BARACK OBAMA FOR PRESIDENT, HOOAH!!! I am a veteran, […]

Wikis, Synecdoches, and LITA Forum

As always, LITA Forum had an exceptionally good wheat to chaff ratio, though to my intense sorrow I could not get to Forum in time to hear Tim Spalding of LibraryThing. I hope Tim’s session was recorded, though I know ALA has this idea if they record too many sessions No One Will Come To […]

Join Me in Voting Early for Obama!

On October 20 I’m going to vote for Barack Obama, exercising my right to vote early in Florida. I  have friends who have already voted by mail! You can find out about voting early at the Vote for Change website. I hope you’ll join me in voting early. Here are my top ten reasons to […]

Octoberfest links

What downturn? It turned out that embedding a call for documentation writers in between screeds about the election turned out to be wildly effective (even though I do not speak for My Place Of Work, blah blah blah — something they did NOT ask me to say, in case you’re wondering). I wish I could […]

Veterans for Obama, and a small-town mayor speaks out

In the comments on the “Jesus was a community organizer” post (and elsewhere), my illustrious sister Maia weighs in. She’s been mayor of a small town, a talk show host, etc. and has her own observations about Palin. Personally, I think Maia underplays her own qualifications; unlike Palin, she understands the market and foreign policy, […]

Washington needs adult supervision

For close to eight years I have watched George Bush piss away a comfortable surplus and plunge us into a huge deficit; fritter away decades of goodwill overseas; use outright lies to launch an endless war; display callous disregard to fellow Americans during natural disasters; play cowboy while our economy sank into the mud; and […]