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Veterans for Obama, and a small-town mayor speaks out

In the comments on the “Jesus was a community organizer” post (and elsewhere), my illustrious sister Maia weighs in. She’s been mayor of a small town, a talk show host, etc. and has her own observations about Palin.

Personally, I think Maia underplays her own qualifications; unlike Palin, she understands the market and foreign policy, she’s smart as a whip, and she’s well-spoken. Plus, she’s funny — intentionally funny. But alas, she’s not in a position to be a heartbeat away from the red phone.

Meanwhile, on a more positive note, these young whippersnapper veterans are for Obama. As an older, Cold War veteran for Obama, I particularly appreciate “We deserve a strategy that honors our sacrifices.” All I can say is HOO-AH!

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