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Farewell, Techsource

I’ve been blogging every month at ALA Techsource for two years, and have decided it’s time to move on. Here’s my last post.

It was a good run and I look forward to seeing where it goes (just as I was pleased to see Joe Janes step in as the Internet Librarian, a column I started and wrote for seven years).

I feel a little scared, in a way, because I stopped writing for Techsource in order to give myself time for other writing — both other types of technology writing (feature articles, writing outside of LibraryLand) and literary writing. Techsource was fun, but I need to push myself — and to be pushed by other forces.

One of those forces may be about exploring other genres. I had always thought I didn’t have to write fiction because when I come up with ideas for stories they are always bits of scene, sometimes just brief gestures, and I assumed real fiction writers were driven by Plots and Narrative and Aristotelian Unity.

For a couple of months I’ve been haunted by two images: a woman sitting down in a pew after making an announcement at church, and a minister slipping on a mess of beans spilled on the floor. But I just assumed it would pass.

But two nights ago I finally picked up Stephen King’s On Writing, and he blew that excuse to bits. He poses”what ifs” and scenes and images; writing for him (as it is for many of us) seems like a game, a marvelous puzzle, a personal challenge.

On to the next personal challenge. On to the game.

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