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Death to Jargon: Examples Needed

On October 11, I’m giving a one-hour talk called “Death to Jargon,” and I could use your help.

In many ways this talk is just a condensed version of the workshop I’m teaching in November, “Writing for the Web.” For the “Death to Jargon” presentation, hosted by the Outagamie Waupaca Library System, I want to present both bad and good examples of good library writing, and explain how to write the good stuff and avoid the bad stuff.

(You know the bad stuff: that arcane, passive-voice, brain-stem-numb Biblish.)

Wherever, whenever, online, offline: we must stamp out the Jargon Monster!

Do you have examples of sparkling-good, jargon-resistant library writing?

Do you have examples of heinous jargon-laden brain-confusing library writing?

In either case, I’d be ever so grateful if you shared them with me at kgs at freerangelibrarian dot com (unless you want to post them here).

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