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We Feel Pretty

The new site looks lovely, and aside from a few redirects that got overlooked in the haste to get a move on before the “old” site was closed down (we were down to the wire…), it’s going great. Plus nobody’s pacemaker will stop if a link doesn’t work until late morning tomorrow.

I had one user write me to say “in the future, when you do a system migration…” and I carefully did not write back to say “Trust me, not in my regime.” Actually, now that we’re in a database, migrations in theory would be much easier. I say “in theory” because just the word “migration” makes me queasy and dizzy.

My job now is to do some more staff training, clean up loose ends, and then go forth and give dog and pony shows (though there are some tweaks and improvements that will be very easy to do–I looked at our query structure and realized it would be easy enough to add subject-specific feeds).

And rest.

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