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Being Jenny Levine

As Shifted notes, I agreed to be Jenny Levine this weekend, co-presenting on RSS in databases. It’s a topic I sort of know something about from various angles. MPOW has a very successful feed I’d like to take farther (I really want it to be RSS 2.0). ProQuest called me some months back to pick my brain about RSS in their products. I even once sat close to Dave Winer at a small conference.

I wasn’t exactly expecting a 77-slide PowerPoint show, but I gulped and said o.k. I get the point of many of the slides: they’re screen captures, and that way your mind is at ease. In between rewriting help files and in general fressing over the migration, I have given the show some Schneiderian tinkering, and will probably give my Oral Roberts Come to Jesus and RSS speech, tambourine optional.

See y’all there. LITA Forum is just down the road but feels light-years away. Don’t you actually prefer the conferences where you drive somewhere else and can put your real life in suspension for a few days?

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