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Category Archives: Homosexual Agenda

Two Isms in America

I lift my informal blogging sabbatical (I’m writing too much to blog, if that makes sense) to note that a few weeks back someone I’m related to (I don’t even want to admit how closely) forwarded a hysterical email composed of various paranoid forwards that postulated, incorrectly, that the federal government was hell-bent on limiting […]

Remembering David on World AIDS Day

David Strunk Hummel died of AIDS on July 30, 1987, one more casualty in what should never have become an epidemic in the first place. I met David in San Francisco in the late 1970s, when we were both campaigning against the Briggs Initiative. He was like a brother to me in many senses of […]

My Wild and Crazy Month

This afternoon I drive to Norcross, kicking off over a month of travel here and there (with many mini-trips built in). 10/12 – 10/16: TLH to Norcross. Working on-site at My Place Of Work. Mini-trips include Newton County Library System, Athens Public Library, and COMO. I wanted to touch base with a colleague who said […]

American Family Association Provides Handy How-To Guide

Some blog posts just write themselves. New DVD shows how homosexual activists took control of the city government in a small Christian resort community And how they plan to do the same in other small towns Dear , AFA has just released a new DVD, “They’re Coming To Your Town.” The DVD shows how a […]