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Category Archives: Evergreen ILS

DocBook XML and Homebrew

When I noted that I had been busy with conference planning, one angle to that I had left out is my crash education in DocBook XML, a markup language used for technical documentation. I’ve spent close to a year circling around the question of documentation for an open source software project. Documentation is one of […]

My Wild and Crazy Month

This afternoon I drive to Norcross, kicking off over a month of travel here and there (with many mini-trips built in). 10/12 – 10/16: TLH to Norcross. Working on-site at My Place Of Work. Mini-trips include Newton County Library System, Athens Public Library, and COMO. I wanted to touch base with a colleague who said […]

Octoberfest links

What downturn? It turned out that embedding a call for documentation writers in between screeds about the election turned out to be wildly effective (even though I do not speak for My Place Of Work, blah blah blah — something they did NOT ask me to say, in case you’re wondering). I wish I could […]

See me in Anaheim at Booth 1888 (and elsewhere!)

Whew, week of shiny-new-job! I’ve posted my first post at the company blog. Expect many more — I’ll try to mention the best ones here, but you may want to subscribe. ALA is imminent! I’ll be at the Equinox booth, 1888 — at least half the time, anyway — and I’ll be part of the […]

Links on the Grill

The truck farmers have arrived in Tallahassee — or, we could call them, purveyors of open-source agriculture.  This gentleman is at Lafayette and Magnolia most Fridays and Saturdays, and his sugar-sweet, flavorful melons made some scrumptidiliumptious sorbet this weekend. But I have been absorbed in my own “fruitful” exercises… ALA Techsource is once again actively […]