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Category Archives: Homebrewing

The Genteel Lady’s Compleat Guide to The Domestick Art of Homebrewing

Why don’t more women brew beer? Women I consider capable of holding national office or even starting a new country have described to me how they stand by and watch men homebrew. I have also run into more than one woman at the homebrew store who was there to pick up the ingredients for the […]

Recipe: Big-Hearted Gal (clone of Two-Hearted Ale)

By popular request (well… one request, but how can I say no?) here is my recipe for a clone of Bell’s Two-Hearted Ale. I researched just about every THA recipe out there to come up with this. The decision to stay with Centennial all the way through appears correct, despite the recipes that sneak in […]

Miniature Homebrewing

This isn’t exactly a recognized hobby, like raising miniature horses, but miniature homebrewing is something I’ve fallen into and at least for now — a few batches in — it makes a lot of sense for most batches I’m brewing. Miniature Homebrewing has at least three components I’ve identified so far: brewing small batches, using […]

DocBook XML and Homebrew

When I noted that I had been busy with conference planning, one angle to that I had left out is my crash education in DocBook XML, a markup language used for technical documentation. I’ve spent close to a year circling around the question of documentation for an open source software project. Documentation is one of […]

Saison du Mont, Again (Dave II)

I offer this lagniappe since I am busy this weekend on personal writing and work-related projects (I try not to take work into the weekend, but there is a conference steaming my way). I’ll follow up with another, more thoughtful post in the vein of “Brewing David,” but hey, take a looky-loo at this yeast […]

Brewing David, Part 1

As soon as I know I am all alone, I quickly creep up into the attic crawlspace and spend a few stolen minutes with David. I make sure he’s all right, check his temperature, then tell him I love him and that I’ll be back soon. Then I slip back down the ladder and push […]

DVD Review: Stepping into All Grain

Summary: Stepping into All Grain, a DVD produced by James Spencer and Steve Wilkes of Basic Brewing Radio and Basic Brewing Video, is an essential purchase for libraries building “how-to” collections on homebrewing, and a boon for any homebrewer even thinking about making the move to all-grain brewing or just interested in learning more about […]

A Basic Homebrewing Collection for Your Library

In the last week I have been immersed in a writing project I am thoroughly enjoying, so I’ve had just enough personal time to exercise, fiddle around with homebrewing, and do a little reading (finally almost done with The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing — which is nothing less than astonishing). But I keep meaning […]

First Homebrew!

First Homebrew! Originally uploaded by freerangelibrarian Cracked open my first bottle Friday (two weeks after bottling my first batch, 3 in a Bed Bitters from HomeBrew Den)… carefully tasted… yum, it’s delicious! Milder and less fizzy than I expected, but very good, and very fresh-tasting. It’s like homemade ice cream and sorbet: there is no […] and the beer-glass ceiling

I apparently had a thread plonked on, a website for homebrewers. The previous day, a member had encouraged me to pony up for premium or lifetime membership (respectively, $25 a year or $100 for life). I understand websites need resources to survive, but I’m a careful shopper, so I checked the FAQ to see […]