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Saison du Mont, Again (Dave II)

I offer this lagniappe since I am busy this weekend on personal writing and work-related projects (I try not to take work into the weekend, but there is a conference steaming my way).

I’ll follow up with another, more thoughtful post in the vein of “Brewing David,” but hey, take a looky-loo at this yeast activity from my second batch of “Dave” (Saison du Mont), brewed for the May 2 Big Brew of the National Homebrew Association! I adjusted the recipe, prepared a kick-ass yeast starter two days earlier, and vavoom! Is homebrewing fun or what? (A week later, the beer has hit its final gravity on the nose, and though young and flat, is a gorgeous gold and quite delish.)

The video is sideways not because we live in the Big Bend and are therefore skewed 90 degrees, but because I took this with my camera video and wanted to get the airlock-plus-yeasty-snowglobe-action in there.

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