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SEFLIN Presentation, Links and all that

On Thursday, May 10, in West Palm Beach, Florida, I have had a two-hour presentation with the SEFLIN board about social software. Here is the “virtual handout” of related links and bits of things useful after the talk. [updated 5-10, 5-11.]

This presentation, to start with. (It’s in PowerPoint. Updated 5-11.)

Blogs, IM and SMS, Flickr, YouTube, Second Life, Twitter, Librarything, , Facebook, Myspace

Some specific examples and sources (updated 5-11): lolcats, lolbrarians, the quiz by Pew Internet and American Life, David Lee King’s list of libraries on Twitter, Blogger, WordPress, Cingular IM commercial, Dance Dance Revolution, Jessamyn’s Ubuntu installation video on YouTube, IM jargon, Dr. Strangelove,  Cher, the Icarus blog, ALA’s gaming symposium, and Twitterlit.

Door prize: my list of Bloglines subscriptions (don’t take it too literally; remember what I said about cherry-picking)

If you have any follow-up questions, please do post them here or send them to me personally. Remember, yes you CAN has cheezburger!

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