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Perhaps we shall meet?

I had been patiently waiting for the new edition of the Penguin History of New Zealand. I had the impression that a sparkling updated edition would be published this March –  I can’t remember why I thought that. Then I did a little research and realized a new edition was likely not forthcoming, at least […]

Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up

I am doing a keynote address this coming Friday for the California Clearinghouse on Library Instruction and I cannot get my brain past the first three ideas I want to share. Help! Goose me! The title of my talk is “Take the best and leave the rest,” which is the first problem. My original title […]

Heading to Code4Lib, Prepping for Evergreen 2009

Sunday, February 22, I leave for Code4Lib, and will be in Providence til midday Friday. I keynoted in 2007, didn’t get there in 2008, and am back as a free-floating attendee (one of the developers is attending, so that we’ll have someone there who actually understands what’s being presented), though I am taking my video […]

My Wild and Crazy Month

This afternoon I drive to Norcross, kicking off over a month of travel here and there (with many mini-trips built in). 10/12 – 10/16: TLH to Norcross. Working on-site at My Place Of Work. Mini-trips include Newton County Library System, Athens Public Library, and COMO. I wanted to touch base with a colleague who said […]

Pirate Booty (and my fall schedule)

Arrrr, me beauties, I’ve been so busy being a Community Librarian that I haven’t been Free Range lately. But my post about Sarah Palin had some stretch to it, including a mention in this wonderful editorial in Library Journal, which is maintaining and building a valuable collection of articles about Sarah Palin. You go LJ! […]

Why Mentoring Rocks

This is about two women, a blog, and a statewide mentoring program. I recently had to write a midway review for my participation in the 2007-2008 Sunshine State Library Leadership Institute — also known as the “mentoring program.” Mentors are like favorite aunts. We can hone in on helping our mentees with a focus that […]

Summary of my defrag talk

Pete Warden of PeteSearch provided a great summary of my defrag talk. (I love his one small error: don’t you think we work with “marked data”? There’s a posse lookin’ for yew, and yew is marked.) I’m tagging this with the naive tag provided at the conference (defragcon) and two variants: defragcon07 and defragcon2007 (Y2K-compliant […]

Defrag 2007: Exploring the Implicit

The Defrag conference, which took place over two days in December (!) November, featured speakers and panelists such as David Weinberger, Doc Searls, Esther Dyson, Marti Hearst, and a constellation of other digirati and hopefuls. There were a few interesting exhibits — Yahoo, AOL, and Siderean were there, among others. I have the usual core […]

My defrag talk

My voice-over for this talk included a few facts about community colleges and libraries, plus a mention of Six Degrees of Francis Bacon, a game I learned from Andy Havens of OCLC. Using WorldCat Identities, I can get from David Weinberger to Francis Bacon in four steps! (Also, the Flickr tag data is courtesy of […]


Something is amiss with CommentPress; the blog I set up for my presentation won’t display the posts. I’ve installed CommentPress before on other sites, so I’m assuming the latest version of CommentPress isn’t playing with the latest version of WordPress. Ohhhhkayyyy. I’ll make sure I have the boring, predictable, but safe PowerPoint, but I’ll also […]