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Category Archives: Conferences

The Fall Funnel of Fun

I took gobs of photos in New Zealand with both my iPhone and my unwieldy quasi-prosumer Kodak (sometimes cantankerous, sometimes great photos). But except for the rare Antipodean posting, only in the last 24 hours have I moved these pictures from devices to cloud storage, and at that, with only the barest metadata and organization. […]

From D.C. to Houston to the Holiday Inn in Tallahassee

Sugar lady, be my saviour, ‘Cause I’m tired, I’ve been eight days on the road. That’s right, eight days on the road, Travelin’ through the night, There ain’t no town, ain’t no town, ain’t no rest tonight. I am zooming through this post since the work-bell clangs in 24 minutes, but here’s my latest adventures: […]

Heading to Code4Lib, Prepping for Evergreen 2009

Sunday, February 22, I leave for Code4Lib, and will be in Providence til midday Friday. I keynoted in 2007, didn’t get there in 2008, and am back as a free-floating attendee (one of the developers is attending, so that we’ll have someone there who actually understands what’s being presented), though I am taking my video […]