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Heading to Code4Lib, Prepping for Evergreen 2009

Sunday, February 22, I leave for Code4Lib, and will be in Providence til midday Friday. I keynoted in 2007, didn’t get there in 2008, and am back as a free-floating attendee (one of the developers is attending, so that we’ll have someone there who actually understands what’s being presented), though I am taking my video camera to help with the recordings.  As for My Place of Work, they not only are a sponsor, when Code4Lib lost a sponsor they stepped in and increased their contribution. MPOW is careful with money, but knows when it’s right to open the purse again.

I am thinking of renting a car Thursday after the last talk and driving around the Cape that afternoon, then returning it to the airport the next day. I had a great haircut last June in Provincetown and I’m wondering if I can remember where Danny works (somewhere on Commercial Street) and if he’s available, and yes I’d drive up 6 and back for an exceptional haircut.  Oh wait — I bet I put that purchase on a credit card. *lightbulb over head*

Meanwhile, working on the upcoming Evergreen conference (May 20-22 in Athens, Georgia) has made me very aware of what it takes to pull together an effort — details as big as hotel contracts and as small as badge-holders, and skill sets from sponsorship machers to the person what does the website — and that would be Laura at SOLINET and we would all be so grateful!

In fact, SOLINET has been generous with their expertise, and I am forever indebted to them (and promise to stop teasing them about their new name, LYRASIS… hey, if they want to sound like a mouthwash, that’s cool). All three organizations involved in the planning have been workin’ it, but it is really invaluable to have someone on board who has Been There.

Speaking of Being There, as a conference speaker I am sometimes not expeditious about returning email with questions or filling out forms. I am truly sorry and I humbly repent (Alane is grinning at that, I’m sure). Our two keynoters for Evergreen, Joe Lucia and Jessamyn West, have been so prompt and good. I grovel before them.

I have a feeling this first conference planning experience is like a first pregnancy — that there are even more details ahead of me that I’m blissfully unaware of until they happen.  But it will All Be Good!

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