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Media Bloggers Association to the Rescue

Read all about it: the counsel for the Media Bloggers Association is representing Michael D. Bates in response to the allegations of the Tulsa World that by linking to and briefly quoting from articles, Bates had violated copyright law. The Media Bloggers Association represents bloggers who are “actively blogging on the topic of news/political media.”

I’ve been waiting for two days, but I still haven’t heard ALA President-elect Michael Gorman explain his one-sentence response on the ALA Council list, “Perhaps I am missing something but I cannot see why unauthorized and unremunerated reproduction of whole copyrighted articles and editorials is ‘fair use.'” There was no reproduction of whole copyrighted articles and editorials; even Tulsa World (the only newspaper in Tulsa) admitted that they were objecting to Bates linking and quoting from their site.

Tulsa World was harassing this blogger, in a way that would be very bad precedent for fair use. Not a huge issue, but one that fair use advocates should watch carefully. Good luck, Mr. Bates, and thank you, MBA.

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