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Steve Lawson’s Batch of Feeds for Computers in Libraries

I saw Steve Lawson’s post about following the Computers in Libraries conference through RSS, snagged his OPML file, and a minute later had imported it into Bloglines. Piece o’ cake! Thanks, Steve.

If you’re using Bloglines and want to import an OPML file (a list of someone else’s feeds), select Add, then scroll allllllllllll the way down the left panel and select Import. See Bloglines’ instructions.

By the way, I found out a few months back that Jenny Levine had independently asked Bloglines what I had asked (a question that was repeatedly ignored): why can’t we have a version of Bloglines we could bundle with preaggregated feeds? Maybe now that Gary Price is working for, we’ll get an answer. Come on, Bloglines–that would be so cool!

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