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Category Archives: RSS-alicious

Location of FRL’s new comment feed; those pesky redirects

I located the path for this blog’s comment feed: To follow the conversation on the posts to this blog, subscribe to this feed as well as to (at least one of) the feeds listed in the post before this. I would like to link to that post, except I would like to make sure […]

Steve Lawson’s Batch of Feeds for Computers in Libraries

I saw Steve Lawson’s post about following the Computers in Libraries conference through RSS, snagged his OPML file, and a minute later had imported it into Bloglines. Piece o’ cake! Thanks, Steve. If you’re using Bloglines and want to import an OPML file (a list of someone else’s feeds), select Add, then scroll allllllllllll the […]

Tracking Packages through Bloglines

Lisa asked about tracking packages on Bloglines. (The package just arrived; when I told the guy “I tracked you through my RSS aggregator!” his eyes got jittery and he backed out of the patio and ran to his truck…) It’s easy… if you know how! Ain’t that always the case? Here’s what you do: 1. […]

UPS via Bloglines

I am waiting for a UPS package I need to sign for. I can’t hear the doorbell from my office, so when I know the package is imminent I open our front gate as a cue to the UPS guy (it is a guy; he’s practically one of the family at this point). How do […]

RSS 2: Getting the Most from FRL Posts

Some of the best commentary on FRL comes from its ever-so-knowledgable, fearlessly frank readers, such as the feedback about my ideas for improving MPOW’s better search. The easiest way to follow these discussions is to subscribe to FRL’s RSS 2 feed through your blog-reading software (called “aggregators” by the hopelessly nerdy). If you are subscribed […]

Say Yes to RSS

Just yesterday morning someone with my exact same name rewrote the Librarians’ Index RSS tutorial (remarkable coincidence, isn’t it?). The tutorial which is based on Bloglines, a free, Web-based RSS reader. See: There are any number of good aggregators around, including other Web-based readers. The advantage of promoting Web-based aggregators to library users is […]


I read very few personal blogs, but Metagrrl is fun. Dinah mixes librarianship, geekyness, and Bay Area localisms. Bookmark to:

Bloglines Improvements

I always was a sucker for a pretty interface, but the improvements at Bloglines go deeper than the spiffing up that debuted last night, which was also the first anniversary of this super (and still free) Web-based RSS aggregator. They’re touting a clipping function I’m sure a lot of people will like, but I’m appreciative […]

Alert the Press: NY Times Discovers RSS Feeds

(Thanks, Jenny, for the heads-up!) See: Major points off for the surprisingly geeked-out one-sentence “explanation” of RSS, but kudos for the super selection of Times feeds. Bookmark to:

Listgarden: Roll-Your-Own Feeds for the Rest of Us? Spotted on Dan Gillmor’s blog, this looks fascinating. From the product description: Creates and maintains RSS feeds Produces both XML and optional human-readable companion HTML Runs either on your PC or on a web server Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux Open source Requires no knowledge of XML or the RSS data format Tuned […]