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Category Archives: Kudos and Woo-Hoos

Righteous Roy!

Roy Tennant tackles the F-word head-on in this LJ article about women in technology. Good for him not to leave this discussion for the same ten women to carry over and over and over! Bookmark to:

I Almost Wish I Played Golf

Sure, make all the jokes you want. The couple times I held a golf club, I hurt myself. I never came close to hitting the ball. I really do not play golf. That said, if you play golf or know someone who does, you might consider placing a purchase at I don’t know this […]

LJ Movers and Shakers

This is a wild week for me–I am back and forth with usability specialists, designers, programmers, project managers, you name it, working on the new MPOW (no, you can’t see it yet, though if you ask nice I might give you a peek). Plus I had two big assignments due this week–I’m looking forward to […]

Salinas Librarian Comes Out Swinging

“We can live with the potholes. We can’t live with ignorance and we can’t live with gangs.” That’s librarian Marlys Maher in the Salinas Californian, in a feisty and pointed interview about the Salinas library situation, on the eve of a visit from national library leaders. She does a great job of not falling into […]

Well-Deserved Pat on Head for SJCPL Blog

Michael “Tame the Web” Stephens and Joe Sipocz are the dudes whose high-quality blogging earned their institution Library of the Month on (RSS-impoverished) Webjunction; see: Bookmark to:

Top Trendsetter!

I am so honored to note that I’ve been appointed to the LITA Top Technology Trends committee. “At each ALA MidWinter Conference, a group of LITA leaders who are acknowledged for their reputations and expertise in the library and information technology fields meets to hammer out what they believe to be top technology trends librarians […]

Yay for California!

Yeah, yeah, I know you know, but I’m really pleased that California woke up and lured Susan Hildreth to Sacramento to be the State Liberrian. Her leadership at the state library will be welcome and wonderful. I predict good things to come. If I didn’t have a job, and one I like (and if I […]

Bloglines Improvements

I always was a sucker for a pretty interface, but the improvements at Bloglines go deeper than the spiffing up that debuted last night, which was also the first anniversary of this super (and still free) Web-based RSS aggregator. They’re touting a clipping function I’m sure a lot of people will like, but I’m appreciative […]

Dancing at the COPA-Cabana Big news today in the free speech community: “The Supreme Court today struck down the Child Online Protection Act as an unconstitutional government attempt to censor free speech on the Internet. ‘Today‚Äôs ruling from the Court demonstrates that there are many less restrictive ways to protect children without sacrificing communication intended for adults,’ the […]

Great Movable Type Support

They are probably weary of me by now, given that I am not exactly part of that high-end developers’ community they need feedback from for 3.0, but Movable Type support folk have been terrific (and terrifically kind). I finally “get” the templates (although I won’t be doing too many tweaks without extensive tutorials or model […]