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Dancing at the COPA-Cabana

Big news today in the free speech community: “The Supreme Court today struck down the Child Online Protection Act as an unconstitutional government attempt to censor free speech on the Internet. ‘Today’s ruling from the Court demonstrates that there are many less restrictive ways to protect children without sacrificing communication intended for adults,’ the ACLU said. ‘By upholding the order stopping Attorney General Ashcroft from enforcing this questionable federal law, the Court has made it safe for artists, sex educators, and web publishers to communicate with adults about sexuality without risking jail time.'”

Recommended professional reading: read the ACLU’s resources on COPA, browse their list of plaintiffs, see the NY Times article, and see what EFF and EPIC have to say about it as well. Finally, browse the actual decision. Intriguing, for those of us who have been saying for nearly a decade that filters aren’t fair, don’t work, and should not be used to prevent adults from accessing the Internet.

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