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RSS 2: Getting the Most from FRL Posts

Some of the best commentary on FRL comes from its ever-so-knowledgable, fearlessly frank readers, such as the feedback about my ideas for improving MPOW’s better search. The easiest way to follow these discussions is to subscribe to FRL’s RSS 2 feed through your blog-reading software (called “aggregators” by the hopelessly nerdy). If you are subscribed to FRL’s RSS 2 feed, most aggregators will offer updates when readers comment on FRL posts or when I update them. The RSS 2 feed also works in podcast readers when I do the infrequent podcast (look for a new one in a week or two where I talk about MPOW’s recent usability study).

FRL has three feeds: RSS 1, RSS 2 feed, and Atom. (Both feeds are linked in the navigation bar, and also show up if you pop into aggregators such as Bloglines.) I believe some readers can only use Atom. But I wonder if I even need to offer an RSS 1 feed. Do I have readers who absolutely must have an RSS 1 feed?

At any rate, FRL gets new readers every week, and based on my crude estimates, the subscribers to the RSS 2 feed now surpass the RSS 1 subscribers. Join the buzz!

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