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UPS via Bloglines

I am waiting for a UPS package I need to sign for. I can’t hear the doorbell from my office, so when I know the package is imminent I open our front gate as a cue to the UPS guy (it is a guy; he’s practically one of the family at this point).

How do I know where the package is? I set up a Bloglines feed for it, using the UPS tracking ID the company sent me earlier. Sure enough, my Bloglines notifier dinged earlier today, and I could see that Elvis, or at least my package, is nearly in the room:

12/20/2005 02:41 Menlo Park, CA In Transit To
12/20/2005 02:40 San Pablo, CA Departure Scan
12/19/2005 17:43 San Pablo, CA Location Scan
12/18/2005 22:22 Patrick, NV Origin Scan
12/18/2005 00:22 US Billing Information Received

Nice trick. Thank you, Bloglines, for being one of my favorite tools!

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