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Think Good Thoughts For Feel-Good Librarian

I was practicing task avoidance when I strolled over to Feel-Good Librarian, a blog where some anonymous librarian in the MidWest shares the good news of librarianship. It is very much a feel-good blog, one that always makes me think and usually makes me smile.

Today I wasn’t smiling, as FGL was explaining that s/he would have cancer surgery the 21st.

I believe in God and understand the forces at work in the universe (well, sort of), and I agree with Jimmy Carter that life is not fair. Still, I wish I could control the horizontal just once in a while.

If it were up to me, FGL, all you’d be doing on the 21st would be taking a personal day (a reward for the good person you are) in which you reclined on a chaise lounge and nibbled on bonbons while catching up on back issues of Vanity Fair. But it’s not up to me, so instead, I’ll keep you in my prayers and will ask the rest of LibraryLand to do the same.

{great big violation of personal space as I squeeze you in a mushy hug}

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