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Neologists Unite

Back in 2004 I coined a term, “biblioblogosphere,” that managed to catch on. I wasn’t trying to coin a term. (What an interesting phrase, involving smelting and mints and all that.) I was just writing, and that’s the word that came out–not a hyphenated expression, not a malapropism, just a word, intended to be humorous–long, […]

Creative Nonfiction Workshop, Leon County Library: Follow-up

As promised, here are the links from today’s workshop (plus any more I added AFTER the workshop). Thanks for showing up! I’m writing this in advance, but I’m sure we had fun. Here’s the link to Tallahassee Writers’ Association. Come to a meeting! Our next meeting is Thursday, August 21 at the American Legion.  I’ll […]

With writing and teens, it really *is* all good (but we need to be good, too)

Pew released a report this week about teens and writing. The report confirmed that texting jargon has crept into traditional writing, and I’m sure some teachers and parents are rending their loincloths and keening over the arrival of “lol” and “brb” into homework assignments. But the report also points out — directly and quite affirmatively […]

Twitterprose Lives Again

Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things. — Theodore Levitt (quoted in Helene Blowers, “Innovation Starts with ‘I’“) I revived Twitterprose yesterday, and will try to keep it going for a while. Twitterprose publishes a line a day (6 a.m. Eastern Time) from the best creative nonfiction. You can follow Twitterprose […]

Why Mentoring Rocks

This is about two women, a blog, and a statewide mentoring program. I recently had to write a midway review for my participation in the 2007-2008 Sunshine State Library Leadership Institute — also known as the “mentoring program.” Mentors are like favorite aunts. We can hone in on helping our mentees with a focus that […]

Thinking Ahead to Creative Nonfiction 2009

I scribbled ideas for next year’s Creative Nonfiction conference on an evaluation form before heading to L&M for one last meal that had me squealing over the sustainably-farmed locally-made chorizo, but assuming the forensic scientists at CNF gave up trying to analyze my bad handwriting, I thought I’d also share my ideas here. Again, CNF […]

What the hay, Chowhound?

At first, when I couldn’t find a post I had made on Chowhound yesterday morning before I left for work, I chalked it up to my own sloppy surfing. I have been acutely focused on Friday’s talk, as many people from MPOW are coming, which I am finding very stressful to the point of frazzlement […]

Ok, all the cool, innovative, creative people leave the room….

In this week of Link Love, I leave you with this YouTube video, Hitler Explains Second Life. I include it in my writing feed because the dubbing is brilliantly witty. I guarantee you’ll find a line or two that sticks with you. Bookmark to:

Writing for the Web Workshop

Writing away Originally uploaded by freerangelibrarian This workshop — my first-ever writing class — was blissfully successful for all concerned. The post-class evaluations were the best I’ve ever had in fifteen years of training and teaching. Teaching a writing class has been a goal of mine for a couple of years, and it was better […]

Workshop: Writing for the Web

This is a syllabus-in-progress for a workshop I’m teaching this Friday, “Writing for the Web.” I know a lot of instructors consider their syllabus to be closely-guarded goods, but my take is that this syllabus is not much more than “CliffsNotes” for what (I hope) will happen in the classroom — and I’d rather put […]