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Neologists Unite

Back in 2004 I coined a term, “biblioblogosphere,” that managed to catch on. I wasn’t trying to coin a term. (What an interesting phrase, involving smelting and mints and all that.) I was just writing, and that’s the word that came out–not a hyphenated expression, not a malapropism, just a word, intended to be humorous–long, […]

FRL Continues its Inexorable March Toward World Domination

O.k., this blog isn’t really after world domination… I suspect I’d have to post a lot more often, for starters, and besides, I have to get ready for the Florida Library Association conference. But on a whim I created a Facebook page for Free Range Librarian, and then posted it to my Facebook profile, and […]

Free Range Librarian: the year in first lines

A marvelous meme to wrap up the year: list the first sentence of the first post for each month. I include each post’s title because I try to write titles that do a lot of work and often function as the “first sentences” of each post. If you’d like to play, consider yourself tagged. (Reading, […]

Survey on Blogging

By way of the Disruptive Library Technology Jester, I found this announcement of a survey of bibliobloggers (which I am using to play with Blockquotes inside Blockquotes, and also because I’m in a rush due to various deadlines): Meredith Farkas is conducting a survey of those in the library and information science profession who blog: […]

Institute for the Future of the Book Releases CommentPress 1.0

The if:book folks have released CommentPress, a fascinating WordPress theme that allows paragraph-by-paragraph commentary. CommentPress has great potential… at some point I  suggested it could be used for public discussion of license agreements, such as those from Google Book Project. I was privileged to test CommentPress before release — you can visit my test site […]

FRL’s Blogiversary: Today We Are Four!

Today Free Range Librarian turns four years old! Now, today is the official blogiversary — the day I first put a post into a Movable Type blog I had installed myself.  I entered three posts in July, 2003 (two of which I had written and previously posted elsewhere), but I didn’t blog again until November, […]

The Veil and This Blog

Just back from a terrific “Age of Discovery” conference hosted by ASERL… what a great time that was. Thanks to Karen Calhoun, I see us now rafting the river of information… a lovely midsummer image. Thanks to Andrew Pace, I have a few more jokes in my arsenal! Sandy returns from two weeks of continuing […]

Comments function changed; about comments anyway; and printing

Update on printing: Well, print preview looks good now, at least on this computer and through Firefox. I changed how FRL displays comments. I’m using the latest version of the Get Recent Comments plugin, which is handily widgetized. You can now see the lead words in the comments, and the links are more intuitive (or […]

The problem with the campaign to save book reviews

“… if newspapers are dying, then blogs are the maggots come to feast upon their corpses.” Like many biblioholics, I always fall–sometimes literally–for a good book review. I tripped on the treadmill last week laughing over Anthony Gottlieb’s review of God is Not Great, a review which not only seduced me into thinking about reading […]

Draft Blog Guidelines

Shamelessly cobbled together from several sources (such as LITA’s blog policy and the canonical St. Petersburg College Library Blog Policy), here’s a generic draft blog guideline. Alane, per your earlier comment, I wasn’t sure how or whether to wedge in a statement about not talking about confidential projects, which would be on the lines of […]