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Institute for the Future of the Book Releases CommentPress 1.0

The if:book folks have released CommentPress, a fascinating WordPress theme that allows paragraph-by-paragraph commentary. CommentPress has great potential… at some point I  suggested it could be used for public discussion of license agreements, such as those from Google Book Project.

I was privileged to test CommentPress before release — you can visit my test site here — and as I went through the version changes, exploring all the features, my mind churned with other applications, such as distance education, analyzing federal budgets, and so forth.

If it had one more level of division to it, CommentPress would be superb  for producing online journals — that is, if instead of essay/paragraph, the content could be grouped along issue/essay/paragraph lines. (Yes, I’m just an old-fashioned gal.)

But that is neither here nor there. Download it, or play with my installation, but whatever… have fun! Nice job, if:book!

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