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Vista: Software for Real Men

So on It’s All Good I heard about the Microsoft Vista name announcement video. Go ahead and watch it. Except for the crowd scenes, the half-dozen actors in this presentation are all male (or at least very convincing female-to-male pre-ops, or male-identified). I was hoping Scobleizer would comment, since for an Astroturf blogger he seems to have a well-developed social conscience (q.v. the Microsoft gay-rights-bill fiasco), but his merry toss-off reference to “Mac guys” has hope fading fast.

Every once in a while I remember that this Saturday I’m going to be at BlogHer, a nifty conference about women and blogging. (Note they are looking for someone who can help with audiocasting the presentation.) After seeing Vista’s Man-Software commercial and feeling the mounting dread over talking to A Roomful of Engineers this Thursday, BlogHer should be enormously therapeutic. (Can we have a Crying and Screaming Room?)

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