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Google Print: Worse than the Patriot Act!

It’s only one month into his regime, and I’m already wincing. An interview with Michael Gorman gives the impression his goal for the year is ensuring that “The Education for Henry Adams” isn’t digitized.

The sad part is I’m sure during the interview Gorman spent far more time talking about the Patriot Act than about his concerns about “atomizing” books, but he sounds so fascinating when he spouts off about Google–it’s like watching a Model A rumble down the street–that any red-blooded journalist is going to focus on his anxious and Pleistocene musings.

The annoying part is who the hell gave Gorman a mandate to kvetch about Google Print, anyway? Quite a few of us have legitimate questions and concerns about Google Print. The last problem on my list is that someone might read a chapter of Henry Adams out of context. God knows we don’t want anyone exposed to random scraps of great writing–who knows, next they’ll read Austen’s books out of order. Persuasion before Sense and Sensibility? Is the world dissolving before my eyes?

Plus I’m glad to see Los Angeles Public Library has adequate funding. Do they know that?

Finally, as a Potter fan, I feel mildly insulted by his tepid response that he’s happy to see children “picking up any book,” and that “anything north of reading the backs of cereal packets is good for people.”

ALA presidents get PR grooming before they take office. Surely ALA’s public affairs people told Gorman to watch what comes out of his mouth. My guess is he wasn’t listening.

(Link by way of Resource Shelf–thanks, Gary!)

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