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Every Time You Hear a Bell, a Blog Gets its Wings

Stephen Abrams has an interesting post, itself a riff on a post by Cory Doctorow, about the rise in blog usage. Here at FRL, which is more of a personal blog rather than one heavily promoted and marketed, I can see the blog-as-trend phenom in action. Look at the statistics for for the first […]

Germanic? Mais non, petit Walter!

Perhaps this is a little too silly to even discuss… but it’s still raining in California, and I just spent hours with spreadsheets, and who doesn’t love a good romp with a dictionary? Walt is entitled to state his dislike for the term “biblioblogosphere,” to propose replacements, and to point to “a number” of people […]

What do you call an aging neologism?

Once in a while I poke my head in on Walt Crawford’s blog, and I noticed that he says he is “sick” of the term biblioblogosphere. I wondered how he could be sick of it, since it’s only a few months old–until I searched FRL’s archives and saw I had coined the term on February […]

Coding the MPOW Survey…

I couldn’t figure out why I felt so icky in my PJs this morning until I realized I had fallen asleep last night in my gym clothes, sitting in front of the TV set during the first five minutes of what I persist in calling Miami Vice. Sandy says she kept shouting at me to […]

Shake Your BiblioBloggin’ Fanny!

The Laughing Librarian has put together a very funny song about library blogging. Bookmark to:

Heretical Harrumphs

Heritical Librarian has a column in the Chronicle of Higher Education, and also on his blog, about the overweening liberalism of LibraryLand. One of the tools for change in any organization is to find mechanisms to bring in the underrepresented. The article complains about the dominance of the liberal viewpoint (something I won’t disagree with, […]

Be a Virtual BlogHer

The BlogHer conference taking place tomorrow has a global chatroom. It’s Flash-based, which has sparked some controversy, but hey. Take a moment tomorrow and use the BlogHer chatroom to exercise your powerful feminine side (whether you are female or not). Bookmark to:

Why am I not as famous as Stephanie Klein?

Well, call me pea-green and make me into a pot of soup. I am simply simmering with envy over Stephanie Klein’s fame and book deal. We have so much in common, and yet here I founder in the Technorati backwaters hoping against hope that someday in the far, far future a literary journal might publish […]