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Category Archives: Best of FRL

Why am I not as famous as Stephanie Klein?

Well, call me pea-green and make me into a pot of soup. I am simply simmering with envy over Stephanie Klein’s fame and book deal. We have so much in common, and yet here I founder in the Technorati backwaters hoping against hope that someday in the far, far future a literary journal might publish […]

The Good Neighbor

You know about the other neighbor–Jerry Garcia, I refer to him mockingly. But I haven’t written about the neighbor on the other side. It’s just past sunset and cooling down in Palo Alto. The patio is quiet and dark; I can just make out the bright green coleus and the white roses, but the darker […]

Signifyin’ Cronin: The Un-Gate

In his first piece about blogging, Blaise Cronin, dean of Indiana’s SLIS, insulted bloggers in a low-power imitation of Gorman’s earlier cerebral flatulence. Both pieces had the same elements: a mocking definition; wild, vague critiques of blogs; an unfamiliarity with modern technology alarming for a major figure in librarianship. Both pieces grew legs and walked […]

Gorman, On Reflection

This is post-game analysis of what I now call (albeit very tongue in cheek) Gormangate. I expect I won’t have anything else to write on this issue for a while, if again, unless we hear a retraction or explanation from Gorman. First, ALA’s own governing body has largely ignored this issue. This is not surprising, […]

Pensees du Webcred

I was going to write two separate reports about Webcred, one for the journalists and bloggers, and another for my Libraryland colleagues. I stared at the computer screen for a very long time, then slapped my forehead. This needs to be one piece, because the whole point is to cross-pollinate ideas among the communities sharing […]

Google Scholar

I tell you, it’s been quite a week. I haven’t felt so much in the presence of major change since the day back in 1993, was it, that I installed Mosaic and got Trumpet Winsock working, and for the first time saw NASA images on my computer. First last Friday I was FRBR-ized, then Yahoo […]

The Schneider-Hulse Wedding

Update: Also see Flickr set of additional photos! (Sunlight on the Richmond Bridge) March 5 dawned bright and beautiful, and even with last-minute e-mail and phone calls, extensive pantyhose issues, and a power-walk around the Miller Knox park, we were out the door by 9 a.m. (though not without checking our purses at least a […]