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Category Archives: This and That

Margin of error

I just had a wonderful stroke of luck that bailed me out of a big ole boneheaded error I made yesterday. It is the kind of error that I have a certain notoriety for — not all the time, just once in a while, when I am on overload and stop reading email all the […]

American Airlines: Social Gurus Extraordinaire

Hard to believe, right? I associate American with slightly tired upholstery, old planes, no plugs (on the planes or in the waiting areas), long flights without food to be had, and a web presence that proudly shouts 2002. So Wednesday mid-day, as we were supposed to be descending into Dallas — I was planning to […]

Sentence First, Verdict After: Quilting Bees and Amazonfail and Censorship

Whew, back from an interesting week; in the first half, Kathryn Greenhill was visiting Equinox and GPLS, which was great fun; Sandy and I sped up to Atlanta late Sunday afternoon. We then zoomed back Wednesday so I could flap my wings and fly to Vancouver to present  (and meet some Evergreeners) at the British […]

2008: FRL’s Index

Before this gets completely stale! Literary essays accepted for publication: 3 Literary submissions rejected: 7 [Note: should be much higher; this means I didn’t submit enough.] Literary essays included in “Best Of” anthologies or nominated for the Pushcart Prize: 2 New essays started: 4 New essays completed: 1 Essays in SubmissionLand as of 12/28/30 12/28/08: […]

Last-minute gift suggestions

(Note: I’ve weighed in over on NPR about Obama selecting Rick Warren to give the invocation at the inauguration. I disagree with Obama’s choice, but I’m still hopeful about Obama’s administration.) Want to share the gift of my writing? Of course you do! This year I had essays appearing in The Best Creative Nonfiction Volume […]

On being a Community Librarian, and this and that

I have had so many ideas rolling around in my head, and so much catch-up time, that I’ve been stumped every time I open WordPress. So I’m pushing out the first idea in case it’s like the piece of paper caught in the printer, holding up everything else. I get asked how I like being […]

The death of peer review

If the peer-review process isn’t working well, how do we fix it? 1. Start a professional conversation among concerned colleagues. 2. Publish articles in formal and informal forums. 3. Publish an entire issue of a peer-reviewed journal — the Journal of Access Services — where the sole contributor is the Annoyed Librarian. The third answer […]

Me, Inc.

Emily at My Place Of Work took this great picture of me, and I thought since some of you haven’t met me in person (or know me from several hair colors ago) you might want to see what I look like, particularly in the hands of a good photographer. This week, in between conferences, I […]

Try a little tenderness

Next Monday, off to Computers in Libraries I go, hey-ho. It’s a turn-and-burn; I leave that Friday for IA Summit, so I’m arriving at CiL Monday afternoon and departing 24 hours later, after honchoing the way-cool session, Woepac to Wowpac. Some of us presenting at CiL have expressed dismay, if not disbelief, that CiL would […]

Best. News. Ever!

Our friend Gail just received a kidney/pancreas, after what felt like a decades-long wait. If you “mean to” get around to ensuring you’re a donor, please do it. Someone’s decision gave Gail a new lease on life. Bookmark to: