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Me, Inc.


Emily at My Place Of Work took this great picture of me, and I thought since some of you haven’t met me in person (or know me from several hair colors ago) you might want to see what I look like, particularly in the hands of a good photographer.

This week, in between conferences, I also updated a lot of Me stuff scattered on the Web, including the pages on this blog that describe me and my writing.

I was very proud to add a link to The Best Creative Nonfiction Volume 2, due out in July 2008, in which you will find my essay, “Range of Desire.” But I was equally pleased — even relieved — to add a post-MFA essay, “Still Life on the Half-Shell,” to my list of publications. I’ve been worried I would become one of those MFAs Who Don’t Write.

I also propagated this picture as my standard photo for social software, bios, and so forth. I have several other backgrounds from this photo shoot that also work well — greenery and flowers — but as a Facebook friend noted, this picture captures a certain mischievousness that is very “me.”

Then I rummaged around for my c.v. and said, “If someone at MPOW needed this at the last minute for a grant application — or for that matter, a promotion — would I be happy with it?” The answer was “no,” so I updated that too.

I am not preoccupied with what one journalist I know once referred to as “the Karen Schneider brand.” If anything, I’m a bit too relaxed. But just as I sat back and admired myself two weeks ago after thoroughly updating my financial recordkeeping — that scrubbed-clean sensation of accounting for every nickel I spent or earned last year — I feel good for giving “Me, Inc.” a little spring cleaning.

One other thought spooling out of this activity is the need to mentor myself. I’m fortunate to have some great mentors out there — people who advise and guide and encourage me in my journey. But in the end, I’m responsible for maintaining and growing “the Karen Schneider brand.”

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